What Causes Laugh Lines?

What Causes Laugh Lines?


What Causes Laugh Lines?

A number of factors including genetics, aging and sun damage can cause laugh lines. Experts say that the leading factor that causes wrinkles to form around the mouth is sun damage. A healthy lifestyle combined with good nutrition, proper sleep and good skin care can diminish the appearance of laugh lines. There are also cosmetic procedures that can remove unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Indoor Tanning and Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays pose a health risk, whether you are in a tanning bed or outdoors. Studies show that indoor tanning is not any safer than full sun exposure. If you use indoor tanning equipment, then you are at risk for melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. It also causes premature aging, brown spots and wrinkles. An indoor tanning bed also increases your risk of eye diseases that could cause blindness without eye protection. 


Smoking actually speeds up the aging process, according to medical professionals. The main reason that smoking causes wrinkles is because of the narrowing of blood vessels in your skin. This restricts the blood and oxygen from flowing through your skin resulting in less nutrients and vitamins. The chemicals contained in tobacco smoke damage elastin and collagen. The result is sagging skin and premature wrinkles. Smoking also causes vertical lines above the upper lip from the act of inhaling and exhaling smoke. 


Many experts believe that dehydrated skin is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Chronic dehydration robs the skin of needed nutrients. Healthy skin cells are the result of a well-hydrated body. You must drink enough water each day to compensate from water loss. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain purified water that is quickly absorbed in the skin cells. If you want glowing skin, you must stay hydrated with a healthy diet.

Poor Nutrition and Wrinkles 

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found a link between skin aging and nutrition. Poor nutrition results in wrinkles, thin and dry skin. The researchers also discovered a diet that contained many carbohydrates and fats produced aging skin. A diet that contains healthy foods like leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables and citrus fruits resulted in healthier skin with fewer signs of aging. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can keep skin damage to a minimum. A healthy diet allows the body to heal and repair itself. If you want good skin, you must eat a diet that is rich in good nutrition. Substitute water for high-calorie drinks and sodas. 

Aging and Collagen Loss

Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin firm and youthful. As you get older, you naturally lose some collagen. There are cosmetic procedures that can reduce the signs of aging through derma fillers and other treatments. Decreased collagen production is also associated with menopause and hormonal imbalances. Take the steps to improve the look of your skin by eating a healthier diet, exercising and caring for your skin. You can reduce the wrinkles around your mouth and other areas with a healthy lifestyle.

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