How Mouth Wrinkles Are Formed

How Mouth Wrinkles Are Formed


How Mouth Wrinkles Are Formed? 

There are multiple factors that cause wrinkles in the skin, and different people get wrinkles due to different reasons. For example, a 55 year old woman might have wrinkles due to age, whereas a 30 year old woman might have wrinkles due to smoking. The most important reason people get wrinkles is due to aging. Besides age, there are other contributing factors for getting wrinkles around the mouth, like genetics, smoking, and also sun damage. Lets talk about each factor, it is a well known fact that as we age the skin structure also changes. The skin looks beautiful when we are young because of the presence of the skin protein called collagen in the skin, and as we age the collagen weakens and as a result causes wrinkles.

Repeated movement of the lips, like puckering of the lips, also causes the collagen to weaken around the lips, which causes wrinkles around the mouth, which we also call as smoker's lines. Smoking not only causes damage to the skin tissue around the lips, but also due to lip pressing while smoking, it causes the wrinkles to appear around the mouth.

Wrinkles around the mouth are noticeably seen more in women than in men, and the reason being that women have less sweat and sebaceous glands around the mouth area than men. Blood vessels in the skin around the mouth in women are fewer than in men is the other reason why we see the women with more wrinkles around the mouth than men. There are several treatments that are available to reduce the smoker's lines or wrinkles around the mouth, like giving Botox injections in the area of the skin to build the lost collagen around the mouth. The disadvantage of most of these procedures is that they are painful.

The natural way to reduce wrinkles is to avoid facial movements as much as possible and also quit smoking. There is one best way to visibly reduce wrinkles around the mouth is by using the AngelLift procedure. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it is natural, painless since there are no injections given at the site of wrinkles, and it is easy to follow. In AngelLift, they use Derma strips which are placed inside the mouth under the lips along the gum to replace the lost pressure on the skin, which we lose as we age. AngelLift is a great device to visibly reduce wrinkles around the mouth because it is safe, and it is painless. Treatments like Botox injections are not safe to use in the long run and they are also painful. Unlike injections, serum or creams, AngelLift is safe as it does its work by creating pressure from under the skin, which reduces the wrinkles around the mouth, and what can be gentler and natural and better than this?

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