The Botox No-Fly Zone

The Botox No-Fly Zone

Women sometimes think that Botox is the “cure all” for problems. However, there are some spaces where Botox doesn’t work. For some zones on the face, in particular the area right below the nose, the risk is too high for the reward.

Before getting Botox injected into your nose and upper lip area, you might want to consider the following:

Botox Can’t Always Help This Area

Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles. Many doctors, especially those who are well respected, won’t give you Botox anywhere other than the upper third of your face. This is because the muscles aren’t as delicate there and your healing process will be easier.

You’re in for a Lot of Pain

Getting Botox in a sensitive area means that you are in for a lot more pain than you would expect from the procedure. Think about how much it hurts when you wax (or pluck) the hair on your upper lip compared to your eyebrows – now imagine a needle going into that.

Your Bruising Will Be Worse

Once again, the sensitive area of the face proves to work against using Botox under your nose. This area will bruise and bleed quite a bit more than other areas. Your healing process will be a lot worse, and the “black and blue” marks will last up to a week longer.

Movement is Difficult

Think about everything you do in a day where you need to move the area around your mouth – brushing your teeth, putting on make-up, smiling, coughing, eating, talking, etc. Almost everything requires you to have a range of motion. While it isn’t permanent, the “frozen” feeling on that portion of your face can really hinder what you do.

Unless you are willing to lock yourself away for a week or so, you are going to run into trouble.

Difficulty Explaining What You Want

Often when we get plastic surgery or Botox, we can explain to our doctors what we want. We want Angelina Jolie’s lips, or we want Kim Kardashian’s bum. However, Botox doesn’t make it that simple. You can obviously point to celebrities who you don’t want to look like – Nicole Kidman, for example.

Without a guide, explaining what you want is hard. You can push and pull your skin while you are in the appointment, but there isn’t anything firm that you can hand your doctor.

It is Your Choice

Before you get Botox under the nose, ensure that you think about all of the risks. Wrinkles in this area tend to add character more than they are unattractive. When it comes to Botox, stick to crow’s feet and avoid the lip area altogether. Need some more convincing information? Here's a link to a great article discussing lip injections and why they can't achieve that natural look. 

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