Could Gummies be the Newest Breakthrough in Fighting Wrinkles?

Could Gummies be the Newest Breakthrough in Fighting Wrinkles?

Ever wonder why those skincare vitamins you’ve been forcing yourself to swallow everyday aren’t performing as promised? Researchers have proven that gummy vitamins or chewables are the most effective way for your skin to absorb the nutrients from a vitamin. A medical study compared the effects among thousands of women to understand why some women felt their vitamins were helping them and why others saw no results. The biggest similarity shared among the women who had seen positive results said they took their vitamins in a gummy or chewable form.

The big distinction separating gummy vitamins and traditional vitamin tablets is how and when they start to break down and get absorbed by your body. A traditional tablet that is swallowed bypasses your mouth almost entirely. This is against the bodies natural eating process. Our body is designed to chew food first, then swallow. This natural process is the very reason we have microscopic membranes inside our mouth. These membranes absorb vitamin fluids from fruits and vegetables, then send these nutrients directly to our skin, hair and eyes.

The tablet style vitamins millions consume doesn’t begin to break down until it reaches your stomach. It is there that the nutrients your stomach breaks down is absorbed by the membranes in your stomach to feed your internal organs, which unfortunately does not include your skin, your biggest organ! This is when chewables jump in to save the day!

Chewables begin the digestive process as you chew them, creating a low pH liquid that is then absorbed by the membranes in your mouth. You may be under the impression that acidity would be harmful to your skin but it actually requires some level of acidity for the membranes to absorb the vitamins that help in combating different toxins and bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis.

So now you know why those old vitamin tablets aren’t giving you the results they promise. Make the switch to a chewable style vitamin, we prefer gummies, and finally reap the skin benefits.

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