Luxurious Lip Exfoliators

Luxurious Lip Exfoliators

The dry winter weather causes more than just dry skin: It causes dry, flaky lips. No matter how much lip balm you slather on, the flakes seem to stubbornly stick around. It’s time to put away the lip balm and bring out the big guns, the big exfoliating guns. Lip exfoliators are relatively new on the beauty market, but serve a vital purpose in exfoliating and nurturing lips, leaving them hydrated, smooth and soothed.

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

A celeb favorite, this lightweight scrub combines flavored crystals with jojoba and grapeseed oils to create the perfect conditions for smooth skin. The Lip Scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips luxuriously soft and supple. And with delicious flavors like brown sugar, crème brulee and peony, you’ll feel like you’re having dessert at the same time. Use by massaging a generous amount onto lips using a firm, circular motion. Wipe away with a tissue.

 AngelLift Dermalips

This natural formula contains natural, high quality, results-oriented ingredients such as collagen peptides, organic Babassu oil, fine exfoliators and Vitamin E. Easy to apply—with no excessive stickiness or stinging from potential irritants like cinnamon or capsicum—Dermalips coats lips with a pleasant citrus taste and imparts an attractive glossy sheen to the lips. With continued use, Dermalips users will experience lip hydration, consistent exfoliation and a noticeable increase in lip fullness, without the unnatural look injections can sometimes give.

Sugar Lip Polish

This sweet exfoliating treatment is enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently buff away dry flakes as it exfoliates and conditions to leave lips incredibly soft, smooth and hydrated. It nourishes the lips with meadow foam seed, jojoba seed, and grapeseed oils while shea butter provides long-lasting hydration. Use by gently massaging away dull skin. Then leave on for five minutes, and rinse with warm water. Use two to three times a week.

TARTE Maracuja Lip Exfoliant

This exfoliant rejuvenates lips by sloughing away dryness with raw sugar and replenishing moisture with pure maracuja oil, which promotes hydration, cell recovery and surface smoothing. Raw sugar granules are encased in a soothing blend of antioxidants and vitamin C to act as a natural exfoliator as dead cells that cause lips to chap and crack are softly sloughed away. For lips that appear noticeably revitalized and fuller. To use, apply a coat to lips and lightly scrub in soft circular motions, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

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