Coconut Water Craze

Coconut Water Craze

You see it everywhere. At your local 7-11, the smoothie place and even at gas stations. Models claim it’s the secret to keeping skin beautiful. It’s coconut water, the clear liquid in the center of young green coconuts. But does coconut water live up to its hype?


This sweet (but not too sweet) slightly nutty water contains easily digested sugar and electrolytes, earning it the name of “Nature’s Sports Drink,” but it has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink like Gatorade. Ounce per ounce, most unflavored coconut water contains 5.45 calories, 1.3 grams sugar, 61 milligrams (mg) of potassium, and 5.45 mg of sodium, making it low calorie and super hydrating AND the choice of quite a few professional athletes. tells us that there are some health benefits to consuming coconut water since it’s an all-natural way to hydrate, reduce sodium, and add potassium to diets that are lacking in potassium.


You don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of coconut water: it helps with anti-aging, too! Coconut water contains cytokines and lauric acid, two important elements that are used in the process of cell growth. These significant anti-aging, and anti-carcinogenic properties help to minimize skin aging, balance PH levels and keep the connective tissues hydrated and strong.


Models claim that coconut water keeps them looking young, and the Victoria’s Secret Angels sip on it to stay lingerie ready. But does the science back that up? To some point, yes. Coconut water is rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicals that damage skin, so drinking coconut water improves the skin health and vitality. In addition, the presence of cytokinins in coconut water has anti-aging properties. Coconut water restores a proper moisture balance to dehydrated skin that looks dull and lifeless. Bottom line? Adding coconut water to your rotation of hydration (which should definitely include plain water) and to your skin care routine can boost both your health and appearance.

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