AngelLift: A Lower Facelift, Naturally!

AngelLift: A Lower Facelift, Naturally!

The lower face reveals telling signs of aging as we get older. We loose volume around the mouth, lips and chin. We lose definition on our jawlines and jowling occurs. Additionally, our mouths look more sunken in and our lips lose support as our gums recede, an inevitable occurrence. What can be done about these signs of lower face aging? Are we powerless to stop them? Well, we can’t stop the hands of time, but we can use modern technology to make them look like they’ve stopped.


Plastic surgery is the first option, though it’s not for most. A lower facelift costs thousands of dollars, requires extensive downtime and can lead to complications and undesirable results. Plus the pain!


The second option is getting fillers like Bellafill, Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma injected into your face and lips. These fillers replace lost volume and fill in lines. However, there are drawbacks to filler injections. Most need to be repeatedly injected, usually twice a year at the cost of thousands of dollars (a 1cc syringe, depending on the filler used, costs anywhere from $500 to over a $1000 each, with most patients needing at least two).


AngelLift Dermastrips remain the most feasible and affordable option to fight lower face aging. These surgical grade flexible resin strips are worn between the upper or lower lips and gums to replace the pressure lost from your gums receding. This counteracts volume loss and “pushes out” wrinkles around the mouth and lips, including laugh lines, marionette lines and vertical smoker lines. Not only do they work on wrinkles, they improve lip volume naturally. When worn as directed—30 minutes a day for 30-60 days, then as needed—AngelLift Dermastrips provide women concerned with aging a natural, noninvasive method of addressing the signs of lower facial aging.

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