Aging Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Facial Oil

Aging Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Facial Oil


We use makeup to present a better version of ourselves to the world. But what if we're making mistakes with our makeup that may be (gulp) aging us instead of beautifying us?

Here are a few common mistakes that women make with makeup that actually makes us look older rather than younger and fresher:

1. Overdoing the foundation. If you already have good skin, you should only use foundation on any blemishes, just to even out your skin tone. All over foundation coverage isn't necessary, and can settle into pores and lines, actually magnifying them. Plus, if your skin is on the drier side, some foundations can make your skin look cakey and even drier. Always apply moisturizer before any foundation.

2. Using too much powder. This goes hand-in-hand with overdoing foundation. A heavy hand with powder also leaves skin looking flat and dull. Skip powder altogether, or use one with light reflecting particles to give skin a glow. 

3. Not wearing blush. Blush can give your skin a youthful flush and even can give you a bit of a cheek lift, when applied correctly. Make sure not to apply too low on the cheeks; instead, find the apples of your cheeks and apply just above and sweep upwards toward the hairline.

4. Not filling in your brows. Our eyebrows tend to get thinner and lighter as we age, contributing to an older appearance. Counteract that by filling in your brows with a color just a shade darker than your hair. Not too dark, though, as that will stand out too much. Filling in your brows will rejuvenate your entire face.

5. Going too dark on the lipliner. Lipliner is great for defining your lips when you pick the right color. But oftentimes you see women sporting clown-like lips because of lipliner that's too dark for their lip color. Either use a matching lipliner or skip it altogether for a fresh look.



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