AngelLift® Vermilion Vital Collection

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 Vermilion Vital Solution 

Get fuller, naturally sexy lips with our Vermilion Vital kit. Achieve the plumped and voluptuous lip look with simple pressure, not chemicals and irritants. Make Vermilion a part of your daily routine for longer-lasting results.

Vermilion shares the breakthrough technology that made Angellift DermaStrips a household name for removing aging lines around the mouth.  The difference is that the Vermilion strips use a stronger vertical lift which causes more lift and fullness to the lips.  

The AngelLift Vermilion Vital collection is a complete system that helps add fullness and volume to your lips giving your lips back their radiance!  The Vermilion Vital Kit includes our award-winning Vermilion lifting strips and our red anodized Vermilion reshaping case for safe storage and reshaping after each use.

What is in the box?

  •   2 Reusable, reversible, removable, remarkable lifting strips, which can last up to a year depending on use. 

  • 1 Storage Tube