What Are Dermastrips?

What Are Dermastrips?

What are Dermastrips?



If you have sagging skin due to aging in your lower face and lips, then you've likely been thinking about having your face lifted and firmed. Many people turn to Botox injections for fast results, but Botox can be expensive, and is not a permanent solution. You can also get too much Botox in your face and end up with an unnatural frozen look. Consider Dermastrips by AngelLift instead, and you can get your youthful skin back.

AngelLift Dermastrips are a clinically tested device that reduces wrinkles around the mouth area by applying soft pressure underneath the lips. Worn for 30 minutes a day, between the gums line and lips, it applies gentle lifting pressure to straighten wrinkles around the mouth and lips.

How do Dermastrips work? First of all, the Dermastrips tool is custom-fit to your mouth, designed to fill in the areas of your gums that are naturally receding due to age. In filling in these areas, your face, especially in the lower region of your chin, lips, and cheeks, begins to relax and not pull against Mother Nature as severely. When you take your Dermastrips out after 15 minutes to a half hour, your rejuvenated skin starts to build extra collagen and fills in those areas where your face is sagging naturally.

With your professionally-fit Dermastrips by AngelLift, you can experience firmer skin, less wrinkles, and improved sagging relatively quickly. Lip wrinkles, sagging cheeks, thin lips, and even dimples in your chin can be reduced dramatically with realistic results. The results are even more long-lasting if you continue using Dermastrips for a few weeks until you get the facial features you have been wanting.

The results are more permanent than Botox, and the cost is relatively low. You can get Dermastrips as low as $119, which is much cheaper than even a single visit for Botox injections. If you have been wanting to improve your facial features but want more realistic, beautiful, and lasting results than Botox provides, then Dermastrips provided by AngelLift may be just what you need. Consult with an expert to see which version of Dermastrips will work best for you, and within a few weeks you can see dramatic results in gaining your youthful, more enticing skin back. Many people have benefited from Dermastrips- now you can, too, and love seeing a more youthful you.
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