The AngelLift Professional Approach

The AngelLift Professional Approach

The AngelLift Professional Approach


AngelLift Professional Dermastrips is a more advanced version of AngelLift Personal Dermastrips, the leading beauty device that lifts the lower face without surgery or injections. It’s semi-customized for the client by specially trained skin professional. If you already use AngelLift Personal Dermastrips, you know that they’re made of a soft, flexible resin that fits comfortably when placed between your upper or lower lip and gums. And when you use Dermastrips as directed, you notice diminished lines and wrinkles around the mouth and lips, in addition to increased lip volume.


AngelLift Professional offers varying lifting capabilities and can only be found at finer skin care institutions. This allows the Dermastrips to be semi-customized to your specific facial structure. More customization means a more dramatic outcome.


When do you know you’re ready for AngelLift Professional? There are two ways to know. One: have you used AngelLift Personal for the recommended initial period of 30-60 days, for 30 minutes a day and are happy with the results, but interested in seeing how much more you can get with semi-customized results. Two: You haven’t used AngelLift Personal yet, and want to jump right into more dramatic lower facial lifting results.


Only certified dermatologists, cosmetologists and skin care professionals carry AngelLift Professional. To get started with your AngelLift Professional journey to a rejuvenated lower face and reduced wrinkles, make an appointment with one of our professional partners to discuss your aesthetic goals! Check our website to find an authorized spa or salon treatment partner offering AngelLift Professional Dermastrips.

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