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Skin Care Decade by Decade

September 19, 2016, 03:08:00 AM 0 Comments

Skin Care Decade by Decade


How your skin care needs to change as you do


This decade is all about creating a great skin care routine that includes a cleanser specific for your skin type, an oil-free moisturizer and sun protection. This means a broad-spectrum SPF (don’t forget your neck , chest and any other exposed skin!), great sunglasses and fabulous hats whenever you’re hitting the beach. Lifestyle habits count, too. Excessive alcohol causes inflammation and dehydration—making your skin look dull and dry—so minimize the alcohol, increase the water intake, take off makeup at night and you’ll sail through your 20s with minimal sun damage.


Your 30s is when you might start seeing signs of sun damage and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Your skin cell turnover starts slowing, so help it along by adding a gentle fruit exfoliator to your routine. And if you’re not using an eye cream to diminish dark circles and fine lines, start now. 


This decade will reveal effects of any sun damage incurred in your younger years with deepening lines on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes. Now’s the time to add heavy-duty serums to the mix. Look for ingredients like peptides to regenerate collagen and hyaluronic acid to help replace what the skin’s lacking in production.


The effects of menopause in this decade means drier, thinner and less firm skin. You may see wrinkling beyond the face (on the neck and décolleté), and the wrinkles around the mouth, forehead and eyes become more prominent. Use a vitamin-rich, creamy cleanser and creams that help reduce hyperpigmentation. It may also be time to start getting regular peels to refresh the skin and increase collagen. Beauty devices like AngelLift also help “lift” lower face wrinkles around the mouth and lips with consistent use.


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