Low pH Collagen Technology

Low pH Collagen Technology


Have you ever seen a baby or young child’s face turn blush after eating a strawberry, lemon or another citrus fruit?  Sometimes even adults can have the same reaction.  It may seem a bit strange, but scientifically, its really not.  It is the natural transmission of nutrients into our skin.  Similarly, you may have seen or felt this reaction after eating spicy foods.  


Our bodies have very effective and sensitive membranes in our mouth and stomach, known as mucous membranes.  These membranes act as filters and transmitters to our organs and skin.  The membranes in our stomach primarily feed our organs and the membranes in our mouth transmit to our skin, eyes and hair. 


The interesting key to these membranes is the trigger that causes them to react.  The trigger is low pH liquid also known as acidic liquid.  Our stomach contains acids used to digest or breakdown the foods we eat.  These acids create the low pH liquid needed to trigger the membranes in our stomach.  Regardless of the food your eat, your stomach acids will convert this food into a low pH liquid (know as digestion) then transmit the vitamins from this food to your organs.  


However, the membranes in our mouth, which feed our skin, are not so easily triggered.  Unlike our stomach, our mouth is not lined with acid.  Instead, the membranes wait for us to trigger them by eating or drinking something low pH or acidic.  The vitamins within this low pH food is then transmitted to our skin, eyes and hair through the membranes inside our mouth.  This is why the baby’s cheeks can turn pink after eating something acidic or an adults forehead may perspire after eating peppers.  


The medical team at Angellift has been researching this biological process for many years. As the first company to develop a method and device to address Bells Palsy, a facial nerve disease, and the first removable facial implant, it would only make since to enhance these implants with vitamin and collagen needed to restore health of the skin. 


A breakthrough occurred when the Angellift team began working through pH variations, as found in nature (fruits and vegetables).  Once the correct variation was determined and then formulated, only concentrations of the active ingredients needed to be determined. 

 Today, Angellift; the developers of the first removable facial implant for nerve damage and the first over-the-counter and disposable facial implant, has created an absorbent and bio transmittable low pH solution for the enhancement and repair of skin cells.  Angellift’s Fusione, is an ingredient specific (collagen, vitamin e, vitamin a) solution to be used in conjunction with Angellift Professional Dermastrips.   Combining the lift of Dermastrips with the nutrients or collagen needed to repair the cells, patients can experience skin correction for the aesthetic issues they face, as well as nutrient repair to reduce the chances of future aging signs. 

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