Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Six

Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Six

Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Six


Hi, all! This is my last blog post reporting on my AngelLift experience. I wanted to see myself how well it would work for a 30-something with deepening laugh lines and thinning lips. I’m excited to report today, on Day 40 (almost six weeks since I started using the AngelLift Dermastrips).


A question I’ve gotten a lot is: Why bother since you’re still relatively young? I didn’t have any smoker lines (those little vertical lines around the lips caused by smoking and straw use), but like I wrote, I had deepening laugh lines in addition to the beginnings of marionette (or puppet) lines—the wrinkles extending down the corners of my mouth. Plus, the area underneath my chin was losing volume and wasn’t supporting my lips the way it used to. My lips weren’t as plump anymore. I figured I could either go down the filler route, getting Restylane or Juvederm the way a lot of women my age were starting to go, but I really didn’t want to get injections twice a year, at the cost of thousands a year! I’d rather spend that money travelling.


So when I heard about AngelLift Dermalips and how they would naturally and noninvasively reduce the wrinkles around my mouth and increase lip volume, I said, “Sign me up!”


And I’m so glad I did. It’s not an instant miracle. It takes time and dedication, just like working out, but it’s still easy to integrate it into your daily schedule. Only 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 30-60 days to see a clinically tested difference is so worth it! I would wear the Dermastrips while showering, emailing, watching or even blogging!


I also used the Microfibre PH cleansing towelettes and Dermasome gel serum that come in the AngelLift Complete set for exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Highly recommended to complement the Dermastrips!


Over time, I had an increase in the volume of my lower face, including a noticeable reduction in my laugh lines, and increase in volume underneath my mouth, a complete reduction of the shadowing where marionette lines were beginning to form, in addition to bigger (but not Kylie Jenner big) lips! This part was the most surprising. I expected some increase, but it was pretty noticeable. The entire area around my mouth seems firmer and fuller. Just check out my photos from last week!


Just wear them for 30 minutes a day while online, watching TV or even on your morning commute. AngelLift recommends an initial 30-60 days of daily use to get the best results. Since I’m at about the mid-way point, I’m going to continue daily use to 60 days and then maintain results by using them a couple of times a week thereafter. To me, using AngelLift is a no-brainer: It’s affordable, clinically tested, allows you to avoid expensive injections AND it comes with a money back guarantee.

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