Causes of Facial Volume Loss

Causes of Facial Volume Loss
Causes of Facial Volume Loss

Volume loss in the face is the result of losing a disproportionate amount of fat in our faces. Although volume loss is typical of the elderly, many factors can prematurely cause this concerning loss of facial fat. Below are a few of these partly preventable factors.

  1. Imbalanced diets and over-exercising can unintentionally reduce fat in the facial area. Although one may try to target areas for weight loss, this doesn’t work because spot reduction is a myth. So, inadvertently, fat in the face is lost alongside overall body fat. This ultimately results in a loss of elasticity and volume in the face, which causes an individual to look older and gaunter than is normal for her age. To prevent this from happening, exercise in moderation and eat healthily consistently.
  2. Too much exposure to the sun can cause volume loss in the face as well. This is because the UVA and UVB rays from the sun deteriorate collagen and elastin in the skin at an unnaturally fast pace, which highlights the loss of facial fat and reduces overall skin quality. Always remember to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent this from happening, and reapply frequently.
  3. Changes in the female hormone estrogen affect the amount and quality of fat in the body. As estrogen levels decrease, so does the amount fat in the facial area. The fat can also start to thin out.
  4. Being underweight also contributes to volume loss. Not only is being underweight unhealthy, but it also quickens the aging process and subsequently causes people to look fatigued and old.
  5. The natural loss of bone mass in the face changes the underlying structure seen externally and can cause cheekbones to look collapsed. Although this condition is difficult to avoid later in life, individuals can keep their bones healthy while they're young to minimize deterioration later on. Supplement with calcium and do weight-bearing exercises.

AngelLift Dermastrips counteract facial volume loss by providing gentle pressure when worn between the gums and teeth. This pressure diminishes laugh lines, smoker lines and enhances lips affected by facial volume loss.

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