AngelLift Dermastrips For Lip Enhancement

AngelLift Dermastrips For Lip Enhancement

AngelLift Dermastrips For Lip Enhancement


Women all over the world use AngelLift Dermastrips for their powerful laugh and smoker line reduction ability. But not only does AngelLift work to diminish lines and wrinkles around the mouth—including the vertical wrinkles around the lips that are difficult to erase, even with filler injections—but it also has another wonderful effect on the lips. Because it fights against the pressure and volume lost due to the aging effects of gum recession, AngelLift also restores youthful lip volume.


The Dermastrips provide gentle upwards pressure when used either between the upper lip and gums or between the lower lip and gums. (Just be sure not to treat both areas at the same time.) Over time, this gentle pressure leaves the skin tighter, younger-looking and more voluminous, making lines and wrinkles diminish while providing support for the mouth and lips. This additional support counteracts the lips receding back and thinning with age. The result? More prominent, youthful lips and a younger smile.


As one happy AngelLift customer named Chi explains, “After doing a lot of research, and talking to my doctor, I really understand how Dermastrips work. Just like braces, you apply pressure—do it long enough and you see the effects. I’ve been using Dermastrips for 90 days, really starting to see a big difference.” Increasing natural lip volume has many benefits: lipstick goes on (and looks) better, the mouth doesn’t look as sunken in, and the face is better proportioned, not to mention younger!


As a response to AngelLift customers who experience increased lip volume and who want to boost that volumizing effect, AngelLift will soon be offering Dermalips, a collagen infused lip-plumping treatment to enhance the Dermastrips. Stay tuned!

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