AngelLift and Your Lips

AngelLift and Your Lips

AngelLift and Your Lips


The main reason people use AngelLift Dermastrips is to reduce wrinkles around the mouth, including laugh lines and smoker lines. Not only does AngelLift diminish these signs of lower facial aging but it also has a positive side effect on the lips: increased lip volume! Not in an overly inflated “I had too much filler injected at the plastic surgeon’s” but in a natural “this is what my lips looks like a decade or two ago.” AngelLift restores youthful lip volume because it fights against the pressure and volume lost due to the aging effects of gum recession.


The Dermastrips provide gentle upward pressure when used either between the upper lip and gums or between the lower lip and gums. This replaces the pressure that’s usually provided by the gums, but as we get older, our gums recede and are no longer able to provide this pressure on the skin from the inside out. Over time, this gentle pressure provided by AngelLift leaves the skin tighter and more voluminous, reducing lines and wrinkles while also providing support for the mouth and lips. This additional support fights the thinning of the lips. This results in more prominent, youthful lips and a younger looking smile.


Increasing natural lip volume has many benefits: lipstick applies and looks better on, the mouth doesn’t look as sunken in—a sunken in mouth is a key sign of aging—and the face is better proportioned in terms of volume.


If you’ve used AngelLift Dermastrips and experienced increased lip volume AND want to boost it, try AngelLift’s newest product Dermalips, a collagen infused lip-plumping treatment that works with Dermastrips as well as on its own.

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